Wood Rot Repair in Gainesville

Wood Rot Repair Gainesville
We provide affordable wood rot services that include repairing or replacing rotted wood. We caulk and seal up any seams so moisture can’t enter and cause wood to rot again in the future.

What causes wood rot?

A variety of factors can cause wood to rot on your home’s exterior. Wood can absorb moisture on the surface if placed in shaded areas without enough sunlight. Also, if wood has not been caulked correctly, as it ages it can crack and create crevices for water to sit.

Why fix wood rot before painting?

Before our painters paint any newly installed wood, we apply a wood primer to allow the finished paint to bond to the surface. The primer has mildewcide, an additive to prevent mold and mildew from growing on the surface. For minimal situations wood can just be repaired, saving on expense. If wood has a small hole, less than two to three inches, our painters will scrape out the soft wood fragments and apply a rotted wood restorer. By taking this step, we can save the remainder of the wood that is in good condition and save our customer wood rot cost that is much cheaper than replacing the wood.

How can CorsPaint help?

Our highly professional team of painters are here to help. Our team will either repair or replace the damaged wood ensuring the best results and prevention for the future.

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