Drywall Repair Service in Gainesville, Fl

Dry wall being repaired in Gainesville
Our painters are trained professionals at removing any damaged drywall in the interior of your home. We patch, sand, and prime, as well as conduct texture matching to prepare a seamless surface for interior painting.

What causes drywall water damage?

Drywall water damage is usually the result of a broken or leaking water pipes behind the wall. In order to resolve the issue, we will identify where the leak is coming from and repair as needed.

Why should I repair drywall damage before painting?

Drywall repair is essential for your safety and to get professional interior painting results. If you apply paint over a damaged drywall, the wall may continue to rot and develop mold and the paint will not have a smooth surface to lay on.

How can CorsPaint help?

Our team provides exactly what you need through every step of the process. Regardless of the damage size of the drywall, our painters can repair and replace as needed. We will find the source of the drywall damage and outline how to prevent any leaks from happening in the future. After any drywall repair, we texture match the surface to ensure a clean finish.

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