Investing in your home: Why Painting Professionals are a Better Choice than DIY

Home DIY projects are not only trendy right now, they can often be cost-saving options. Big home projects can be pricey when you need to hire a professional. Even if they would do a better job, is it worth the cost? That may be the case for a lot of home projects. Did you know that one of the most common DIY home projects is one you should consider professionals for more often? Interior and exterior painting is a job that many people work to take on themselves. It is an expense that many people want to save on, but that expense is worth it.

Your Perfect Home Space

Your home is your space, your retreat, and an oasis to get away to. When you get home after a day away you should feel happy to come back, see your home, and experience your space. If you have done a home paint job and come home to dried paint bubbles, drip lines, uneven coating, and other paint issues you won’t find that enjoyable home space. Professional painters are worth the expense. Not only will they take care of your home by covering the floors and baseboards, but they will use higher quality brushes and rollers that will help keep the paint looking smooth and appealing. More than that, professional painters can assist you in choosing the perfect color and shade for your home.

By taking on the investment in your home on the front end you will be able to enjoy your home’s interior and exterior paint for longer.

Return on investment

Did you know that houses will sit on the market waiting weeks, or even months to sell? These houses often need only the bare minimum to get into shape and ready to sell for top value. Sources have different ideas on how much painting can increase the value of your home, but most agree that interior painting has a 100% or more return on investment and exterior painting can return 50% or more. That means by spending $1000 dollars on professional painters. You could be increasing your home by $2000 dollars or more! That could be thousands of dollars you are leaving on the table by trying to save money by doing a DIY paint job.

Professional painters can make the appeal and value of your home skyrocket and you will have a buyer in no time.

Invest in Your Home and Your Life

DIY is a great way to save money on home projects, but you have to remember that certain aspects of your space are worth investing in. When you want to have an excellent space to return home to or increase the value of your home painting is a great way to accomplish that. When you need painting professionals, contact your local painting experts at CorsPaint. We will be out there to help you with everything from the initial color consultation to the perfect coat of paint for your home.