How to Make Your Home Paint Last Longer

When you spend money on something, you expect it to last. The work from start to finish should have been quality and you will reap the benefits for some time to come. Painting should not be any different. When professionals paint your home you should expect a certain level of professionalism and service, but the quality of their work should also last you for years. Exterior paint should last you up to a decade. So here are some pointers from the pros on how to ensure you get the longest-lasting paint for your dream home.

Prepare the Surface

The exterior of your home is likely to build up dirt and grime over the years. You may be tempted to use heavy chemical cleaners, but it will be better to use mild soap. Small chips and cracks may have formed from enduring the weather. These are all things that should be repaired before painting your home to make sure you get a smooth coat of paint that dries well. During the preparation stage, you should also check your home for wood rot and get it repaired before painting over it. Preparation is the key to the start of any good project.

Use Primer

Primer is the easiest step to skip when painting your home. Once you’ve cleaned, you want to get right into the job. It is time for a primer coat first. The primer will act as a base coat, making your final paint smoother, brighter, and last longer. Make sure to use exterior primers that have weather-resistant additives to ensure your paint is durable to the elements. A base coat will go a long way in the length of time that your paint will last.

Choose the Right Paint

You might get lost in the color options to match your house to your style, but this is also a time to consider investing in premium options. There are plenty of external paint options available, but high quality paints will have better pigment and better quality color binders which will help protect against wear from UV rays. Many also include additives to protect against dirt, grime, water, and more to ensure that your paint will withstand the harshest elements of Florida’s weather. It’s often recommended to use more than one coat, especially for exterior paint.

Use Quality Tools

Painting tools can get expensive quickly. Between brushes, rollers, trays, ladders, and everything else you may need it will add up. Quality tools also lead to a better result. Better brushes will lead to a softer smoother paint job.

When it Comes to Your Home Choose Professional Painters

When it comes to your dream home you deserve the best. Choosing CorsPaint’s trusted professional painting service will ensure that you have the best painters working to ensure that you have a beautiful home that will last years. If you need assistance deciding what the best option is for you contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.