House Painting: Original Ideas to Make Your House Stand Out

The “It factor”, curb appeal, that house. No matter what you call it, everybody knows what you mean and you can pick out that house from a distance. When your home has the perfect finishing touches, it really makes it stand out. A coat of paint on often forgotten or neglected areas can make as much, if not more of an impact than painting your whole house. Here are some of our favorite painting projects that make a big difference in the look of your home.

A Standout Entryway

How many homes in your neighborhood do you know on the front door alone? A standout coat of paint can be an easy way to really make your home pop from the street. Painting your door can be a weekend DIY project or a quick job from professional painters if you need help! According to this article from Martha Stewart, bold paint and cozy colors are the top trendy choices of the year! Depending on your style, you have plenty of trendy options to choose from.

Pro-tip! Consider matching or complementary paint colors. When you paint your front door, consider matching it with other home features like your house numbers, mailbox, and shutters. These complementing features can make the small pops of paint stand out even more! Painting these can add fun, sophistication, and personality to your home.

A Big Area that Makes a Big Difference

You can do more than just the entryway to make your home pop with color. Your home may have options that you never even thought of painting that can make a huge difference. Your garage door can be seen from the street, but we usually barely clean it let alone try to make it interesting. A bold color can make your garage door a focal point instead of a gloss over.

You can get similar results by painting your front porch and pool deck. Both can work well as bold colors or more muted options. There are additional benefits to painting your porch and deck. Deck paints can contain additives to make them easier to walk on when the ground is wet and protect them better from the elements, a particularly important feature in Florida.

CorsPaint is here to help

Painting your home’s interior and exterior is often the first choice when people think about painting to get their style and personality. Remember there are plenty of supplementary features in your home that are often forgotten about when painting. A coat of paint can help to add you into your home and turn it into that place you really want to live. Your dream home! If you are interested in painting your home, contact the local painting professionals at CorsPaint! We can help you from start to finish! We will walk through what would be a good option to paint, go through a color consultation to find your perfect color, and get the job done right so you have a beautiful home to come back to everyday.