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Water stain or a smoke stain that is an eye sore and cant figure out the solution to removing this ugly stain for good. Well here at CorsPaint we have discovered the solution to the problem. With our many years in this industry we have encountered this situation plenty of times and now we are going to share with you the product and the application to applying this product the most effective way so you will have successful results. Well lets first start with the product called oil base pro block primer  which is made by Sherwin Williams, now this product comes in a latex base and oil base but the oil base is what you are going to need to get rid of the ink stain,smoke stain or water stain. Again use the oil base if you are trying to permanently make a stain disappear. Here at CorsPaint we like to use the latex product if we are trying to cover dark colors with a top coat, we would roll on the latex product of pro block then paint over it with the selected latex top coat paint which would also be a paint and primer product just to assure we get good coverage. Alright so now that we have determined the product to use to cover the water stain lets now explain how to apply this product. Well its simple you can apply it with a brush or roller nap depends on how big the surface is you are attempting to cover. You must allow the product to completely dry before applying the ceiling paint, once the oil base pro block primer is dry to the touch then you can now proceed with the ceiling paint but to assure that the stain will not appear do not use a cheap ceiling paint use a ceiling paint that has a primer additive or tell the paint store to add raw umber in your paint to give it a better hide. So there you have it now you know how to get rid of that ugly water stain.

Water stain removal on your ceiling

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