Painting with oil base and latex base

When doing interior painting or exterior painting keep in mind the selection of the paint. paint is either solvent-thinned or water thinned. Solvent-thinned paints are most commonly oil base paints, although some specialty  coatings such as epoxies,polyesters, and urethanes which are not oil base are also solvent-thinned. Oil base paints are very durable, and are highly resistant to staining and damage. Water-thinned paints are usually latex. But some non-latex paints are water-thinned. Latex paint has fine particles of resin emulsified (suspended) in water. Latex paints dries faster and usually holds its color better. But overall all surfaces should be dry when applying paint and remember before applying the paint it is extremely important to prep and your most important preparation includes selecting the right tools and best paints for the job and when selecting those paints it is good to go with one that is easy to work with and will cover fully with one or two coats.

Interior painting with oil or latex

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