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When doing minor hole repairs before painting a wall use 3M Patch Plus Primer to avoid flashing. This product has a primer solution and will prevent flashing on the wall so basically your repairs want be seen after you paint over it if you repair minor holes or cracks in the wall with this product. This product is about $5 for eight once but it is extremely worth it. At CorsPaint we only use this product when our painters do minor hole repairs or small cracks in the drywall. Another benefit about this  product is that it only takes about 10 minutes to dry and is ready to be painted over and again you will not see where any repairs were made after you have painted over it. The application is very simple just use a 2-3 inch putty knife and apply the area over the hole and once dry use a sanding block to sand to make area smooth and paint over it.  A sixteen once container of this product that only cost around sixteen dollars  will last for 1-2 months depending on the jobs that you complete over that time span. Also another helpful tip that you can do when using this product is once the product completely dries you can spot prime with a spray primer that I will show you in another blog post.

How to avoid flashing when making minor drywall repairs

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