Exterior painting services

When choosing CorsPaint your gainesville painters we know that the life span of a exterior painting  job on a home in gainesville,fl or anywhere else will last approximately Ten years. Any time beyond the seventh  year your home is in jeopardy of damage that can be very expensive to get repaired. Exterior paints provides weather and waterproof that is why it is critical to keep the exterior of your home painted on a ten year routine basis. Keep up with paint maintenance now and it will not cost you later. Overall we have seen many homeowners invest anywhere from one thousand to six thousand dollars to paint the exterior of their home, and believe it or not but if you calculate  over the span of ten years on average it can be anywhere in the range of two-six hundred dollars a year. What makes corspaint the gainesville painters stand out amongst its competitors and the reason we are considered  the most reliable painting company in Gainesville, FL  is that we use quality paint that has a longer life expectancy than other cheap bad paints that is offered in the painting industry. So remember it’s not how the paint is applied on it’s all about the kind of paint you are using and the pro painters at corspaint is very knowledgeable of paint.


Corspaint Services

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