How to epoxy your garage floor the correct way.










Epoxy your garage floor like a pro or just call the CorsPaint painting professionals in gainesville fl, so you have a garage floor that is cracking, peeling and is just an eye sore. Well here at CorsPaint our pros have done this type of work plenty of times and we are going to explain to you step by step how to apply the epoxy and what times are  appropriate. Applying the H&C shield  product to a garage floor can really do your garage floor so many benefits, for example it can reduce the wear and tear of tire traffic from your vehicles and most importantly when done right its looks beautiful. Now first you must pressure wash and clean the garage floor properly and then you must etch the floor so that it can absorb the epoxy so that the it want just sit on top of the concrete slabs, then test concrete to make sure it is etch correctly. The next step is caulking all hairline cracks with an concrete crack sealer  and allowing the product to dry completely before applying it. After that is complete then it is time to apply your first coat of epoxy. Applying the H&C shield you will need a 3/8 inch mohair 9″ roller nap, I like to use an extension pole just because it not as painful on your back. You will need a cut in throw away brush because its going to damage the brush and will not be reusable and an 4″ mohair nap for the cut in areas. Now when applying the product you may wait until the temperature is above 50 degrees or higher and rising so that the product can adhere properly. After the first coat is applied just add the second coat your flakes and the glaze coat and that’s it. Now call the Pros at CorsPaint if that’s to confusing.

Epoxy your garage floor the right way.

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