So I am about to explain to you the pros and cons of an airless sprayer vs rolling. I have been painting now for over ten years and trust me I have had my share of using a airless sprayer. Have you ever decided to paint a room with a roller and brush and during the process of painting you said to yourself “this is entirely taking too long” hey I have been there to. Yes a sprayer can minimize the time it takes to paint your house but it can be extremely expensive due to the amount of paint a sprayer uses. So yes a sprayer will minimize the amount of time but it will also cost you more money in paint. Now on to the old fashion elbow grease roller. I know it takes entirely to long and its so painful but rolling has several benefits, its not as messy so you want have over spray, rolling does not use up a lot of paint and most importantly you get a nice exercise by rolling. So if you own a painting business and I highly recommend investing in a sprayer but if you are a do it your self home owner then sticking to a roller and brush is the way to go.

Airless Sprayer Vs Rolling

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